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They range from less than 1 cm to several cm in width, but might extend dozens of metres in length.198.

Owing to their wood-eating customs, many termite species can do significant harm to unprotected buildings and other wooden constructions.199 Termites play an important role as decomposers of wood and vegetative material, and the conflict with humans happens where structures and landscapes containing structural wood components, cellulose derived structural materials and ornamental vegetation provide termites with a trusted supply of food and moisture.200;Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being undetected until the timbers are seriously damaged, leaving a thin coating of a wall that protects them in the environment.201 Of the 3,106 species known, only 183 species cause harm; 83 species cause significant damage to wooden structures.199 In North America, 18 subterranean species are pests202; in Australia, 16 species have an economic impact; in the Indian subcontinent 26 species are considered pests, and in tropical Africa, 24.

Dampwood termites only attack timber substance exposed to rainfall or soil.199.

Drywood termites thrive in warm climates, and human actions can enable them to invade homes since they can be transported through contaminated products, containers and boats.199 Colonies of termites have been seen thriving in warm buildings located in cold regions.203 Some Realtors are considered invasive species. Cryptotermes brevis, the most widely introduced invasive termite species in the world, has been introduced into most of the islands in the West Indies and to Australia.37199.



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In addition to causing damage to buildings, termites can also harm food plants.204 Termites may attack trees whose resistance to harm is low but generally ignore fast-growing plants. Most attacks occur at harvest time; crops and trees have been assaulted during the rainy season.204

The harm caused by termites costs the southwestern United States approximately $1.5 billion every year in wood structure damage, but the real cost of damage globally cannot be determined.199205 Drywood termites are responsible for a large proportion of the harm caused by termites.206 The goal of termite control is to maintain structures and vulnerable ornamental plants free from termites.207; Structures may go to the website be houses or business, or elements like wooden fence posts and telephone poles.

Termite monitors made from wood or cellulose adjacent to a structure may also give indication of termite foraging activity where it will be in conflict with humans. .

To better control the population of termites, various methods have been developed to track termite movements.205 One ancient method involved distributing termite bait laced with immunoglobulin G (IgG) marker proteins in rabbits or chickens. Termites gathered from the area could be tested for the rabbit-IgG markers using a rabbit-IgG-specific assay.



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Termites bearing these proteins can be tracked using a protein-specific ELISA evaluation.205.

These flying alates were collected as they came out of the nests in the my latest blog post ground during the first days of the rainy season.

43 termite species are used as food by humans or are fed to livestock.208 These insects are particularly important in less developed countries where malnutrition is common, as the protein out of termites can help improve the human diet. Termites are consumed in many regions worldwide, but this practice has only become popular in developed nations in recent years.208.



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Termites are consumed by people in many different cultures around the globe. In Africa, the alates are an important element in the diets of native populations.209 Tribes have different ways of collecting or cultivating insects; sometimes tribes collect soldiers out of several species. Though harder to get, queens are regarded as a delicacy.210 Termite alates are high in nutrition with sufficient levels of fat and protein.



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Alates are accumulated when the rainy season begins. During a nuptial flightthey are generally seen around lights on which they are drawn, and so nets are put up on lamps and captured alates are afterwards collected. The wings are eliminated via a technique that is comparable to winnowing. The best result comes when they're lightly roasted on a hot plate fried until crispy.

Termites are typically eaten when livestock is lean and Japanese plants have not yet grown or generated any meals, or when food stocks from an earlier growing season are limited.209.

In addition to Africa, termites are consumed in tribal or local areas in Asia and North and South America. In Australia, Indigenous sites Australians know that termites are edible but do not consume them even in times of scarcity; there aren't many explanations as to why.209210 Termite mounds are the main resources of land consumption (geophagy) in many countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.211212213214 Researchers have indicated that termites are suitable candidates for human consumption and space agriculture, as they are high in protein and can be utilized to convert inedible waste into consumable products for humans.215.

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